Secret Weapon Miniatures

The Best Kept Secret In Wargaming

Secret Weapon Miniatures produces high quality, pressure cast resin bases for wargaming models and miniatures as well as a full line of weathering pigments, washes, conversion accessories, scenic kits and photo-etched brass detailing sets.

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Manufacturer's Ranges

Secret Weapon Conversion Bits

The Secret Weapon Conversion Bits are made from high-quality resin. Ideal for expanding and improving the look of your miniatures.

Secret Weapon Objective Markers

Create better and more tactical games with these easy to use and identify resin objective markers. That have the ability to be covered up so their values are a mystery until they are captured. You can paint them in the colour scheme of your choice and add that extra bit of fun to your games.

Secret Weapon Paints

Secret Weapon Acrylics use high-density pigments to give increased coverage with smooth consistency, are airbrush friendly, and made in the USA with non-toxic, water soluble materials.

Secret Weapon Resin Bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures produces pressure cast resin bases for wargaming models and miniatures. Made from premium materials, and cast in intricate and detailed designs, these bases will make your miniatures pop!

Secret Weapon Scenics and Effects

Secret Weapon make an array of scenic items to give your playing field an extra level of detail and realism. Be it with natural tuft like materials to create grass and leaves or finely cast polyurethane resin miniatures or crushed glass.

Secret Weapon Terrain

Well designed and expertly detailed and cast from premium resin, secret weapon terrain and scenery can add a grounded and life-like experience to the playing field, or add to the immersion of going to another world.

Secret Weapon Weathering and Pigments

Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments are made from natural, non toxic materials and can be used to create realistic weathering on your scale model projects.

Tablescape Tiles

Tablescapes Tiles are themed series of 1x1 ft injection moulded HIPS plastic tile terrain. Each carefully crafted tile features more than 20 million polygons in resolution and is compatible with a wide variety of scenery and bases, not to mention many other themes in the Tablescapes Tile line!

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